Niitsu's Solar Power solar systems happen to be meticulously designed and tested to endure a few of the harshest conditions: 
temp swings, battering winds, humidity, hail and more.
That’s as to why we expect our solar power panels to get a useful lifestyle of more than 11 years.

By sourcing products directly from the most trusted producers, we maximise the value of our investments and reduce long-term risk. Each the No. 1 supplier in volume in its discipline, our suppliers possess inspired confidence in the world’s biggest banking institutions and solar builders. Having said that, we are manufacturer agnostic, without binding partnerships that could prevent us from recommending anything but an ideal pieces for your specific project needs. Our holistic approach considers quality, value, and long-term warranties, permitting us to attain the greatest practical profits on return.

Last updated: Mon 09 January 2017